Interview with a plant based mumma

Written By Ebony Greaves - April 05 2016


Melisa Lickfold
February 19 2017

Hi Joanna, while living remote we still shopped weekly. There was a barge and we arranged (which wasn’t easy at first) to have food shipped in weekly. We lived in the tropics so also struggled at times with keeping things fresh for periods of time, The longest we could have stretched out our shopping would have been to maybe once a fortnight as we eat such huge quantities of fruit and veg and in order to have the variety and freshness we desired. We did eat a lot of frozen fruit as the weather was so hot and humid. Usually we’d keep frozen bananas, mango, pineapple, berries and make smoothies for breakfast and lunch, With greens I find washing and drying them and putting them in seperate containers or reusable bags helps to keep them fresher longer. I’d also use green powders such as spirulina and vital greens to get greens ins. Do you have the option of growing your own produce?

January 03 2017

I live in a remote area my biggest problem is keeping it all fresh longer. It is too much to drive 100 miles for groceries weekly. We have been shopping monthly, but keeping it all fresh is a task I am losing at, and the chickens are loving. How often do you shop? How do you keep it all fresh, any other ideas are welcome. Thank you

November 04 2016

So very proud of you melis

June 07 2016

You are amazing Mel and such an inspiration X

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